5 tips to be effective at work

Have you ever felt that there are aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done and as a result, you work around the clock? Do you feel like you are always behind at your work and your tasks will never end? You are not alone – we all have been there. And have been distracted!

Moreover, being overworked can turn into an unpleasant spiral and you will suddenly feel the urge to scroll through Instagram for half an hour, or just looking out of the window and dreaming about to be outside and just sunbathe with a good coffee in your hand. Then, everything starts from the beginning.

Either way, instead of putting in extra hours, you can become more effective at your work. Starts ASAP by following five tips that we’ve tried at Bonanza.

1. Start your morning right!

And by that, we don’t necessarily mean a good and strong coffee- although that helps too. Sit down to your desk (or on a sofa in a café) and write down your tasks for that day. This will help you clear your mind and not get distracted during the day. It adds a bit of extra motivation if you share it with your colleagues or boss.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You should come up with new ideas or business proposal, but you feel like a person who’s never been creative or never had any great ideas? Ask for help! Sit together with your co-workers for an intensive brainstorming just for ten minutes. (HYPERLINK) You would be surprised how many ideas you could collect within a few minutes – we know, we’ve tried!

3. Mode: Do not disturb!

Your friends sent you some pictures of their holiday? You’ve seen a recipe that would be perfect for dinner, or you feel the urge to immediately adopt a puppy? And then you have all the twenty unanswered emails and, of course, all of them are very important… Put your phone in flight mode just for two hours and don’t let yourself be distracted by anything. Y

4. Take a break!

It is good to be productive, but it shouldn’t mean that you must work constantly for eight hours. Stand up from your table, go for a short 10-15 minutes walk, drink tea – and meanwhile forgot about your phone and any other electronic devices of yours!

 5. Get to know yourself!

You love the early morning when nobody is in the office and you aren’t asked about your weekend, your kids or your dogs? Do you usually have a lot of energy and some new idea right after lunch? Get to know your peak hours and match your highest priority work to your most productive hours.

About Bonanza Design

We’re a creative studio based in Berlin and our clients span from industry leaders to promising startups. Learning how to organize yourself to optimize your productivity is a continuous and essential process. Feel free to discuss with us if this article resonates with you to some extent.