Hiring Tips for Junior Designers, Marketers, and Product Managers

The European tech market is booming. It grew by 1143% in 2014-2018. Europe out-funded Asia and the US in 2019. So all great news especially if you reside in Europe or decide to relocate. 

Job offer wise, currently, 46% of job offers are seeking software engineers for which there are 35% applications. Shortage!

 How about other creative jobs such as marketing and design? The story is different.

 The market job openings are 6% of total job openings for which there are 10% applicants. The design job openings are 4% of total job openings and there are 6% applicants. 

 Average applicants for software engineering, marketing, and designs are 15, 35, and 41 in order. 

 Although the tech sector is growing rapidly, there is much more fierce competition for designers and marketers. 

 If you’re a designer not only your past experience and work shall stand out but also you need to make sure your CV will be seen. Usually what happens is that the Hiring manager after receiving some great CVs have less tendency to view the rest of the CVs. Some will see but with less attention. 

 What you need to do is to hack your way to the table of the hiring manager and it’s not easy. But don’t worry we’ve got your covered on this. We have some golden tips for you to get your CV seen first.

 Here are a few tips for you to get your dream job

1. Always check the job board platforms daily

Nowadays there are a lot of hiring platforms where you can search for jobs and get hired right away. And there’s always a platform more active in the target country you’d like to apply. For example in Berlin, https://berlinstartupjobs.com/ is the most famous platform when it comes to search for startup jobs.

Find the most popular platforms and always check them twice in the day between 10-12 in the morning and 16-18 in the afternoon.

2. Know your reference and apply for jobs that you are qualified

Applying to every job posting isn’t a good idea and this will lead you to your own pitfalls. Also, this isn’t efficient, wasting your time and efforts on jobs that don’t fit your criteria. Instead, search and apply to jobs that you want and match your qualifications. This gets you a better chance of landing the right job.

Don’t apply for too many. You divide your energy and attention and you end up sending the same application. You’ll become one in many. You need to stand out. Reduce the number of applications instead invest in writing highly customized cover letters.

3. Stalk a little

 I call it a thorough investigation and this is highly recommended.

As soon as you find a cool job offer, study the company on LinkedIn, find out everything about the company, culture, and work environment. It gives you more knowledge about what kind of people you will be working with and see if this is the kind of company you want to be with. Most of all see if this is the kind of company that will give you growth and success.

4. Think twice before taking the job 

Again ask yourself, do I want to work for this company?

Sure you want to start working right away but that doesn’t mean you have to jump in the ship immediately. Ask the hard questions? Do you see yourself working in this company for the next 2 years? 

5. If the answer is YES

Then reach out to the head of design, and their designers (in case you’re a designer) and ask them whether they’d like to have a coffee or a quick call with me. You’d be surprised by the kind of responses you’d get. You’d hear a lot of yes-es believe us.

6. Making the first move

By reaching out to the decision-makers directly, you’d bypass the standard hiring channel where there’s a traffic of applicants and you’d reach out to the decision-makers themselves. This shows them also that you are more than just interested in working with them and you want to be part of their progress. 

 How to find them?

LinkedIn! Find them on LinkedIn and send them a personalized message. Most probably they accept and here you’re, having a direct uninterrupted channel to the decision-maker.

 7. Make sure they’d remember your name

Your name is what sets you apart from the other candidates, that’s why always make sure you mention your name clearly and slowly. If you meet them in person or speak with them on the phone, prepare to elaborate on your past experiences, especially a previous project that you’re greatly fond of.

 Do not meet them without preparation! Make sure you’re ready and well prepared.

8. In case this is a long process that you can’t afford, there’s another hack.

Instead of applying through the recruiting channel of the company, reach out directly to the HR manager through their personal email. Again make the first move, check what they are looking for and what they want and tell what you can do to make it happen. 

If you don’t know where to email the right person. There are platforms online that they fetch the work emails and I highly recommend this one: https://hunter.io/

Write them a personalized email and then ask them kindly to have a quick call on the phone OR whether you can pop by the office and have a coffee with them.

Don’t just sit around and wait for the hiring or call, you get up and get them. 

That’s how you get your dream job.