Netflix is one the most popular streaming sites nowadays and it’s giving us more than just a chill. There’s no denying that during this pandemic with the absence of cinemas and theatre all eyes turned to Netflix.

Aren’t you tired of endlessly scrolling channels after channels looking for a show to watch?

Well, we’ve all been there and that’s why Netflix came to the rescue. Thanks to Netflix people who are fond of watching shows can have access to unlimited movies and shows. Amazing right?

Do you know the secret of Netflix?

The answer is UX and user testing.

Yes, you are looking at it right, Netflix is using UX testing to lure people to watch more to their site.

In this article, we will talk about why Netflix uses UX to get people hooked and what we should learn from this. Throughout the article, we will discuss UX points that we may consider using for our business.




Netflix Screenshot


On your television, you spend more time looking for shows and waiting for your show to come up. If you missed the schedule of your show then you miss the whole thing. It sucks right.

Netflix works in a different way, aside from you can watch your shows, again and again, it will give you more recommended shows related to your favorite show.

Their product team realizes that by tweaking the image on the thumbnails of the recommended movies, they can drive outsized engagements.


What does this mean?

If you like romantic movies, they will show you specific thumbnails all about romance.

If you like comedies, they will show you a show related to comedy. They are using your data to give all related content based on your most frequent watch.


Testing multiple Viewpoints 1.2 Romantic


The main takeaway that we should learn from this is personalized content. Users are more hooked if you give them the things that they want. 

The key here is creating a personalized experience for your user. When designing for users, get to their needs and tie it to your offerings. in this way you create a hook in the user’s mind to return to your app.


Is it a lot of work for Netflix?

No, all they have to do is know your most-watched shows and give you more personalized contents that you like. Why give your user an apple if you can give them the whole fruit basket of choices right?


Netflix Match


You have to think about what your user needs and turn this into the solution that they need. This is also the approach that you need to apply to your business. UX is not just pointing them where to go but giving them the sense that they want your service again and again.



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