How To Out-Innovate Your Competitors

In the digital economy, the consumers’ needs evolve at a fast pace. For growing applications to win the UX race, they must continuously discover and validate new feature ideas.

Discovery Before Delivery

Fast Prototyping and testing methods enable you to test feature ideas at their infancies with your users. Such insights inform your expensive product decisions when it comes to prioritizing features for the build phase.

Outcome Before Output

Continuously validating your ideas with your users enables you to solve actual user problems and grow your business consequently. This stops you to get locked in a never-ending cycle of building features aka Build Trap without being able to justify the impact of each build.


Here’s how we support hyper-growth startups to deliver features with high ROI


Step 1. An Idea 💡– Fast Sketching




Let’s say you have some features ideas in mind that might work but one can never be sure unless you do some testing. Do not forget, that you are not your users! We start with sketching all the ideas and draw a cohesive experience.

Step 2. Prototyping




Then we would build a prototype: The purpose of it is to do a proof of concept and see whether all these ideas can form a cohesive experience.


Step 3. Continuous Iteration on the Prototypes




We iterate on the prototype by continuously learning from stakeholders. We continue the iteration and exposure until we’d have high confidence in the usefulness of the features.


Step 4. Concept Testing



We don’t care about the usability of features at this point. We do concept testing to start the conversation with users and gather insights around some important questions: Is this feature useful? And would it make users’ workflows easier than before?


Strong Reactions Only!

When we conduct interviews and testing, we are looking for Customers’ reactions such as this

“OMG, I have been waiting for this (feature) for the past year, and now it is finally here.”



Discovery > Delivery — Discovery work is often Achille’s heel of growing startups. Too often it’s neglected and done by PMs and Tech Leads hastily.

Bonanza Design‘s specialty is to support hyper-growth companies to innovate and deliver better UX to their customers and users sprint by sprint.

We have our own unique processes when it comes to

☑️ Research, Discovery, and Validation of Ideas

☑️ Delivery, Tech Support, and UX Engineering

Our lean UX process is inspired by Design Thinking and is agile compliance.

We help you drive outcome NOT output. Simply said, we help you increase revenue with every feature shipped as a consequence of our work.