Top 10 App Design Agencies in Berlin (2022)

We ended 2021 and started 2022 with a lot of major game-changer. Since the digital space is getting crowded and with the rise of Metaverse and tech trends, the need for innovation is a must. 

This year is high time to upgrade and develop your products and features. As they say out with the old and embrace the new. Everything is fast-moving and the next thing you know another tech era is starting to bloom. 

In our previous content and videos, we have discussed the hottest UX Design trends this year. In case you have seen it, check it first so it will give you ideas of what your company needs to do. 

So now, you want to make improvements and changes to your products and features but you don’t know where to start or who to get. Here’s a guide for you, we did some research and surveys and compiled only the best Application UX Design Agencies based in Berlin.






Bonanza Design


Bonanza Design did celebrate the new year with a big bang. Hailed as one of the top B2B firms in Germany by Clutch this 2022 and has been topping off the tech games since 2019. We understand the struggles and challenges of a startup when it comes to UX design and product development. That is why we designed a specific service that will cater to all the needs of startups. Our best offerings that brought us great achievements are Lean Innovation, Design Thinking Sprint, and UX Design. We also have authored and curated our very own ebooks bundles about UX Design and many more. You may check our shop for more information.


Client’s Feedback

“The client was impressed with Bonanza Design’s exceptional lean innovation sprint and testing capabilities. The team’s excellent market-oriented practices and ability to develop custom requirements also ensured the engagement’s success. Overall, the team fostered a strong collaboration.”






They have been around for more than 10 years in the business and they have built a strong reputation when it comes to software development. With more than 200 employees, they currently have 5 locations and one in Berlin. 

They specialize in product development on both web and mobile applications. Miquido is also a Google Certified Agency also named Top Mobile App Development Company in the UK.


Client’s Feedback:

“The work is still ongoing, but the client has been amazed by Miquido’s ability to turn their vision into reality — in fact, the team has impressed in demo meetings. Miquido works flexibly, delivers on time and with quality, and explains complicated concepts in simpler terms.”



Lean Apps


Lean Apps is all about speed. They have developed a process that is 5x faster and they could deliver their work as fast as 6 weeks. They have worked on more than 100 apps and are also been named as of one the Top in-app design in Germany.


Client’s Feedback

“Lean Apps successfully onboarded the client. The project management was structured. The short cycles were helpful. Their knowledge in data storage and healthcare helped a lot.”






When it comes to working with the big leagues, Andersen has been globally competitive since 2007. The highlight of their company is they are pooled with over 2800+ ITs, QAs, and software developers. They have established 13 development centers and are very well known to be an IT-focused company. Also, Andersen has been named as one of the Top B2B Companies in the EU and a Microsoft Partner company.


Client’s Feedback

“Since the Andersen team began working on the app, the company has received more positive feedback regarding its UX. The company liked the work so much in fact that they re-used some of the assets of the portal on other projects they were working on to increase their efficiency and resilience.”



Adam Fard

A digital design agency that mainly focuses on developing Fintech and EdTech mobile and web applications. They maybe are a small team but the impact they have created with their clients has brought them more huge success. Adam Far Studio is a UX-focused company, they have developed their own process and a perfect recipe for a design system that directly solves the problem of the client’s product. 


Client’s Feedback

“After tests with several third-party clients, Adam Fard UX Studios successfully delivered the project. Their workflow was highly influential, communicating seamlessly through Slack and video calls. Moreover, they were straightforward, understanding, and creative.”




Studio humm


The collective team of designers, strategists, and developers specializes in UX process and development to startups. They have mastered the art of design-driven solutions that helps them solve any complex problems of their clients. Creating holistic design and process is on top of their priority over aesthetics. Giving importance and space to a great user experience is what they aim to provide. 


Client’s Feedback

“They delivered stellar work on time, and always took the time to deeply understand and build upon feedback.”






An agile software development company that helps startups and companies create their own solutions, using their own formula of the agile development approach. With this, their focus of work is to help startups to create their MVP on a limited budget and risk. They have been active since 2018 but their team has proven experience working in the field for more than 10 years.


Client’s Feedback

“With the help of agileful resources, the startup has launched two products in two months. The team has been instrumental in speeding up the client’s development and delivery processes. Their flexibility has also been impressive as they effectively accommodate any adjustments that the firm requests.”





Team of highly skilled professionals in software development with more than 10 years of experience. They shifted their focus to helping startups create digital products that best represent their core values. They have perfected their comprehensive approach to complex problems that help them create and develop flawless software for their clients. The agile method is one of the keys to launching new products. 


Client’s Feedback: 

“Voypost provided a good quality web design and met the timelines of the project. Despite having to refactor some parts, the client was overall satisfied with their work. They maintained consistently smooth communication throughout the process and provided frequent updates along the way.”






Mobiteam is a web design agency, that helps startups develop their own brand identity through their website. One of their great offerings is mainly web design and development. They are more on aesthetic and high-quality design that is best suitable to online E-commerce businesses. They have been working closely with big and startup businesses since 2013 and already expanded their offices outside of Berlin.


Client’s Feedback:

“They do a great job in all directions: communications, development, design, consulting.”




Creative navy


Globally competitive company based in UK and Berlin. They have been active in the UX business since 2010 and have been awarded a few notable sites as of the Top UX and UI designer companies in the UK. What makes them great is their tailored agile methods and design process. They are experts in mobile application development as well as web and native applications. The process involves a lot in creating a digital product that values people.


Client’s Feedback:

“Creative Navy designed a user-friendly, accessible system that adds value for customers and helps the company differentiate themselves in the market. Transparent and communicative, the team required minimal oversight and facilitated a frictionless process. Their systematic approach was notable.”


And the list does not just end here, they are also many others that we would love to mention and give recognition to their works, too but for now, here are the best App UX Design agencies based in Berlin that you should take a look at.

We hope this list helps you decide which agency to hire for your application development needs.

And if you need a consultation or have any other questions you want to ask feel free to get in touch with our team at



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