Top UX Design and Design Thinking Agencies in Berlin (2020 Edition)


Bonanza Design is an Innovation Studio based in Berlin and we work with companies across the board. These past months, surprisingly (Global Pandemic, Hello!) was busy for us and we had to pass on some projects that we didn’t see a great fit for our skills and passion. In some cases, if the projects are not suitable for our in-house capacity, as much as we love to get you onboard, we need to call our friendly neighbors for help.

All hands on deck 

We made some changes and a few renovations to our house. This year we directed our attention on improving our services and processes. These changes have been making us busy and productive at the same time.

We are now focused on these two services:

  • Design Thinking

Our 4-week design thinking process. This is a tried-and-tested process sharpened up through different projects. It’s our attempt to place reasonable constraints on the process of research and validation and arrive at actionable insights by the end of it.

  • UX Design

Our 3-weeks UX design process, we develop an idea into an application and design it in pixels. The first week is about defining & scoping and the second and third weeks are about detail designing the product.

That is why…

We put up a list of notable design agencies we know over Berlin that are in the same vein of what we do. We hope our lists help you find the right agency for you.

First of all, don’t forget to check us out! 😉


The Bonanza Design team





Web & consulting agency – Product development, UX/UI Design Sprint workshops


WordPress agency – Web development & design


Web & app agency – Web development & design, app development, SEO, social media marketing

Bonanza Design

Web & consulting agency – Web design, product development, UX/UI, Design Sprint workshops


Web & e-commerce agency – Web development & design, digital strategy, SEO, e-commerce development


Web & e-commerce agency – Web development & design, UX/UI, e-commerce development


Marketing & PR agency – Content & social media marketing, branding, PR, web design


Digital transformation agency – Web design, app development, AR/VR, UX/UI, digital strategy


Marketing agency – E-commerce development, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, app development


Web & app agency – App development, web design, UX/UI, branding

Mimosa Agency

Marketing agency – Research, marketing, branding & design


WordPress & e-commerce agency – Web development & design, e-commerce development

Radish Lab

Web & marketing agency – Web development & design, branding, content marketing, advertising


Web & marketing agency – Branding, content marketing, web design & development, UX/UI

Uhura Digital

Marketing & IT agency – Digital media & online campaigns



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