State of the Art of NFT and Web3

In this live event we will walk you through about the world of NFT and break it down why it’s such a break through.

Lean UX Process: Integrating UX into Agile Development

In this talk, we will break down for you what a lean UX process is, and how UX designers can benefit from Agile Development.

UX Design: How to Build Design Systems at Scale

In this talk we will explore: the concept of design system, why are design systems important, and key steps to building new design systems.

Design Thinking: Solve Complex Problems

In this webinar, Behrad will break down for you the philosophy of design thinking and the tools by which you can conduct a design thinking w

UX DESIGN: Design Pixel-Perfect Applications in Weeks

In this talk, we break down for you what you can do for each point and present to you many use cases and examples of how we address it.

Lean Innovation: High Velocity Validation & MVP Design

In this webinar, you learn how you can test your ideas at scale with not so much money in only a few weeks!!!