Expand your brand into the world of Web3 and NFTs to foster your existing community and reach new exciting audiences.

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Heard about NFTs?

What NFTs Are NOT

A Business Model

Even if you rase a million dollars through an initial NFT sale, you will soon find that NFTs can't offer a straightforward, sustainable business model. And as a brand, you shouldn't think of NFTs as a fundraising tool.

A Passing Trend

We understand that every technology goes through a maturity cycle. It happened to VR, QR Codes, and the Internet itself. We are confident that Web3 is here to stay and our job is to prepare you for when it becomes obvious to everyone else.

What NFTs Are

Digital Products

NFTs may work as “open-ended” digital products because you can keep growing the value your NFT delivers to the customer over time. For example, by rewarding your holders at a certain brand milestone for being there.

Proof Carriers

Thanks to properties of the blockchain, all NFTs act as digital proof. Wether it's tracking the time spent using a software or recording if someone has attended a certain event. NFTs are the best customer segmentation tool to date.

A Community Building Tool

Wether you have an engaged follower base on Instagram or not, NFTs can strongly grow your brand equity when it comes to community building. We strongly believe that NFTs will soon become a central digital touchpoint between brands and their customers.

How can NFTs help your brand?

Web3 is a world where your Social Media followers are as engaged as your investors. Because that’s who they are now, and if you succeed - they succeed.

With NFTs, the “Lifetime Value” of your customer can stretch to new heights because now they have a new reason to stay around, for longer.

If embraced now, the amount of Brand Equity NFTs may bring to your brand in the next 1-2 years, will set your non-Web3 competition 5 years behind.

The future of brand-customer relationships

A perpetual customer journey

As marketers, we're used to having a start and an end to every customer journey. With NFTs, there's an opportunity to make this journey perpetual.

For the customer, a one-time purchase of your original, branded NFT can work as an access pass to your present and your future. A reason to stay engaged, shout about it from the rooftops, and come back for more.

How other brands use NFTs

Web3-curious? The time is now.

We help brands tap into the staggering world of Web3, find their purpse with this new technology, and always stay ahead.

Your Web3 Journey Starts Here


Web3 Strategy Sprints

A sprint for brands looking to get a foothold in the Web3 space.

If you already have a great product and a community built around it, this sprint will help you find your purpose in Web3 to expand your brand to new horizons.

The sprint consists of a research phase and several workshops. Through the workshops, your team will get a deep understanding of the industry, NFT trends, and how your brand can fit into the big picture.

See our process

NFT Art Production

Bonanza began its course as a Design Boutique. Throughout the years, we have brought together incredible, diverse artists and educated them in lean project management.

Now we have guided our creative team into the Web3 to apply their impeccable eye and our polished processes to NFT art. Our team speaks the language of trends and will help you develop a refined art collection that stands out in any landscape.

Meet our artists

Bonanza Design is an innovation botique based in Berlin, Germany.

Our expertise stems from UX and Innovation sprints, helping brands build better products over the last 4 years. Bonanza Design is known for its swift delivery and trademarked, factory-line processes.

In 2021 we recognized the benefits Web3 and NFTs can bring to traditional businesses. Since then, we have been developing processes to help brands harness them in a systematic matter.


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