Designing the platform that gives nurses around the world new work opportunities in Europe

Care With Care is committed to creating high-level healthcare worldwide. In response to healthcare professional shortages, they developed a platform to facilitate recruiting and integrating highly motivated healthcare professionals from abroad. Bonanza Design developed a unique six-week UX Design & Branding Sprint during which the team would design Care With Care’s platform from two perspectives: the employees (nurses) and the employer (hospitals). On top of that, Bonanza Design undertook the complete rebranding and website design.

Branding and UX DESIGN
Team Size
3 UX designers, 1 UX researcher, 1 UI designer, 1 creative artist


The Care With Care service is highly intricate due to the importance of the work; it was therefore imperative that the Bonanza Design team take their time in researching and understanding each step of their process. The team performed an analysis of five market competitors and conducted three user interviews with nurses from the Philippines who had used the client’s services, as well as an interview with a hospital (‘Employed’) who had hired nurses through the Care With Care platform. One of Bonanza Design’s UX Designers had several meetings with the Director of Product and Operations to ensure that we had a thorough understanding of exactly how the company operates.



The first step in the ‘Concept’ phase was a workshop with the Care With Care stakeholders. The teams walked through their existing processes, alighted on pain points and brainstormed ways in which the new platform could simplify these processes and offer increased engagement and an improvement in the overall experience.



With a solid concept in place, it was time to start the mid-fidelity prototypes. For these, the Bonanza Design team set to defining a more fluid layout, functionality and structure for the platform. The challenge of the ‘Prototype’ phase lay in the difficulties of designing from two perspectives (nurses and hospitals) for two different screen sizes (desktop and mobile). Part of engaging with this was resolved by Bonanza Design’s creative artist and UI Designers, who prepared four design directions for the Care With Care team to choose from.



Once we had finished the mid-fidelity prototypes and got the green light on the UI Design direction, the Bonanza Design team started to create the high-fidelity prototypes.


WEEK Branding

Whilst the platform was being finalized, the team turned their attention to the Care With Care website design and branding. The first step in this phase was a Branding Workshop with the Care With Care stakeholders. Together, the participants brainstormed core brand offerings, brand purpose, brand promises, taglines, a website sitemap and logo ideas (both good and bad). Based on the findings from this workshop and the UI style of Care With Care’s previous platform, Bonanza Design’s artists defined the style and direction of the website.



By Week Six, the team had everything in place to begin designing each individual page of the website, starting with the mid-fidelity prototypes and continuing on to the high-fidelity screens. Everything was delivered on time to the developers who took over the project.


Care With Care worked with Bonanza Design to simplify and amplify their workflows, making the process easier for all their customers (nurses and hospitals). Once they implemented their new onboarding process (designed by Bonanza Design), the app generated over 100 sign-ups in the first month - over three times more than before.

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