we invest in YOU
and help you win big

we invest in YOU
and help you win big

Work with one of the most cutting-edge creative teams in the world and design unique digital experiences

let’s get to work

how do we do it?

creativity is the currency that we invest in you

At the early stage of your growth, creative challenges will crop up all the time. Creating your brand, defining your marketing strategy, and designing user-centric products are just a few you will face.

If you’re here to win, speed is everything. You can invest in building a team and aim for the long term - if you’re lucky enough to survive.

Or you can tap into the years of experience of our stellar team, ready to get your product-market-fit and scaled.

Through working with us, you’d have enough time to define your organizational structure and culture and build an internal stellar team of your own.

why should you work with us?



Our team contains some of the most talented UX designers, growth hackers, and innovation specialists. With your ambition and our meticulous approach to developing brands and digital experience, the result will be nothing short of magic.

Behrad completed his Masters in Design Thinking and Innovation from Sweden in 2012 and moved to Berlin to pursue his dreams in the startup world. Once there, he was part of two founding teams (grover.com and Kenjo.io) and has worked with many additional startups.

Consequently, Behrad understands the DNA of startups. His passion to deliver first-class work led him to craft his own processes that bring speed and supreme quality together.

How can we help you exactly?

A 360° Offer Made for the Needs of Early Stage Startups

Together we will create a stellar brand, put together a unique marketing strategy, and design mind-bending digital experiences. You can bring your unique vision to the market and win big.

offer 1

Brand making

Developing a unique brand and marketing strategy is the secret sauce of winning startups. The math is simple: the more revenue you can generate through your brand and content, the higher the chances of your success.

offer 2

growth hacking

The right marketing strategy includes a properly designed sales funnel and content strategy, which demands iteration and experimentation. We apply the most cutting-edge techniques that we apply daily to both clients and our own brand.

offer 3

ux design (web/app)

Designing the foundation of your product is key to long-term success. Often start-ups pay little attention to the UX of their app in the beginning. The result? An endless cycle of UX improvements to the original model. If the foundation isn’t right, it impossible to straighten up your path regardless of how much you try.

offer 4

product development

When you lay out the foundation of your app (MVP) right, you need an engine to develop the app further. We train your team to develop the best quality at a blazing speed. We’re not talking about scrum methodology here. This is an exclusive Bonanza Design Product development process,

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let’s get to work

what’s our motivation to work with you?

our passion is to help beautiful businesses win

We love to work with growing startups that follow a strong purpose. Conscious businesses that level up the playfield for people and restore our relationship with the planet are important to us.

how does it work?

sprint based work collaboration

Together, we define roadmaps based on your current challenges and future goals. Each roadmap contains a set of sprints. Each sprint takes about a month. At the end of each sprint, we aim to arrive at measurable improvements. We study the impacts of the new improvements and then execute the next item on the roadmap.

how does it work?

A financial package that fits right in your pocket

We offer you a finance package that works for you. The financial package includes a fixed budget per sprint (each sprint takes about a month) and equity.

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We can get to work as early as next week

  • Intro call with Behrad for 30min
  • A follow up discovery call for an hour
  • Problem-framing workshop for 1 day
  • Based on the learnings from the previous steps, we offer you a proposal including a roadmap* and financial package**
  • Agree on the proposal and Contract signed
  • Receive initial payments
  • Share the key dates of the first sprint with you and book them in your calendar
  • Work kicks off!

*A roadmap aims to accomplish a grand goal and contains of several sprints. Each sprint pursues a clear, measurable goal and lasts about a month

** A financial package is in the form of a fixed monthly budget + equity. You’ll recieve multiple packages and the negotiation process lasts until you’re happy about the deal

our promise to you

here are our core values

NO BS. fast process

We’re not a typical design agency. We’re entrepreneurs who grew up in the startup world and our mission is to help companies design stellar user experiences and scale their businesses. We don’t waste your time or ours. Our only obsession is to deliver to you what we promise in the fastest way possible.

A fully remote operation

We’re a remote-first organization and our team works from three different time-zones. Our main office is in Berlin. Wherever you’re in this world, we’re able to work with you.

Full transparency from day 1

From the first day, you have access to all the documents we work on including Figma files, Google docs and etc. You can follow in real-time our stream of thoughts and actions.

supreme quality guaranteed

A job-done to us looks like this: we receive an email from you and it reads “Wow Bonanza Design! you exceed our expectations by many miles. Thank you” We don’t stop until you attain this level of satisfaction from our work.

Full confidentiality

We’ll sign an NDA with you in the first meeting. Every member of our team and external partners have NDA with us. We take confidentiality seriously. Your business is ours. Period.

honesty, integrity and professionalism

We always keep it honest with you. We don’t please you because you’re paying us. We offer you our professional feedback even if it’s not in our favor.

Regular update calls

Before we start the project, we create a timeline of actions each has a specific date. For every major milestone, we send you a calendar invitation. Before and after each milestone, we’ll have calls with you to make sure you’re up-to-date with what we do.

opt-out at any time during the process

Sometimes it doesn't work out. We get it. In that case, you can opt-out of the process and end your commitment.


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