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Design Sprint

A Design Sprint is a 5-day process for rapidly solving big
challenges, creating new products or improving existing ones.

Design Sprint transcends the way
you collaborate with your team

  • Current solutions

  • Loud and confusing

  • Take weeks

  • Many backs and forths

  • Many meetings

  • The big egos in the room kill great ideas

  • Design Sprint

  • Collaborative and focused

  • As little as 4 days

  • Align your team on one shared vision

  • 2-day workshop with your client

  • Each person proposes ideas and the whole team votes

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Who can benefit from Design Sprint workshops

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What’s Design Sprint


Design Thinking emerged in 1969 from the work of Herbert A. Simon on artificial intelligence. This philosophy aims at structuring anyone’s thought process by encouraging open-mindedness, problems exposure and empathy towards those affected by it.

In 2010, engineers at Google Venture wanted to leverage the Design Thinking mindset into a concrete methodology. To do so, they conceptualized Design Sprint, a timed and systematic process which aims at solving problems in the most efficient way possible.

A 5-day framework

Design Sprint was originally introduced as a problem-solving framework taking place over 5 days, with a specific theme to investigate on each day.

On day 1, the goal is to understand the problem.
Day 2 is about exploring as many solutions as possible by developing and iterating creative ways.
Day 3 is about prioritizing the solutions, usually 1 or 2, that best fit the problem.
Day 4 consists in designing and prototyping the chosen solutions.
On day 5, the idea is to conduct 1:1 user testing with people part of the primary audience.

Why use Design Sprint?

Design Sprint embodies the saying “time is gold and focus is key”.

If your organization is looking for a methodological process which will produce the maximum effect within the least possible time-range then, Design Sprint is for you. It may be used to tackle any problems, ranging from product-specific topics to overall business strategies.